The Jaze Hotspot Gateway has been assigned an IP address of by default. This IP address is assigned to the LAN port of the Jaze Hotspot Gateway. To chane the LAN IP address of the device, log onto the device to access the Web GUI.

1. Click on LAN under Network in the Web GUI.

2. On the Network settings: LAN page, type in your desired IP address in the text box.

3. Then Click on the Save button.

4. You will then be prompted to reboot your device to apply the changes made.

5. Click on reboot on the prompt that appears or click on Reboot system under Diagnostics.

6. On the Diagnostics: Reboot system page, click on Yes to reboot the system and apply the changes.

Wait for about a minute for the system to reboot. Once rebooted, you can access the device at the new LAN IP address.

Please note that you may have to change the IP address on your laptop or PC to make sure it is in the same range of the newly set IP address.

You may also want to change the DHCP server settings on the device to make sure that the Jaze Hotspot Gateway gives IP address to its client in the new LAN IP range.