The WLAN profile defines the SSIDs that will be broadcasted by the Access Points. 

An access point can display multiple SSIDs and the following parameters of the SSID can be configured:

  • SSID name and visibility
  • Security
  • Captive portal for guest authentication
  • VLAN tagging

To create a new WLAN profile select WLAN Profiles under Access Point Config from the sidebar on the dashboard.

Click the Add WLAN Profile button on the top right corner and the dialog box will be displayed.

Enter the Group Name for the WLAN profile and check the Roaming option if you want your users to move across multiple Access Points in your location with smooth hand-off across APs.

Then click on the name of the WLAN Profile created and click Add WLAN to create of a SSID on the access point.

The Add WLAN  dialog box is displayed as shown below:

Enter the SSID to be displayed in the SSID text box.

Select the type of encryption under Security. For guest access, leave the Security as open and enable Guest Policy.

WEP and WPA-Personal allow you to enter a single pass phrase for connecting to the network.

WPA-Enterprise allows you to integrate with an external Radius Server for authentication.

Enter a VLAN ID if you want to tag the SSID to a particular VLAN. If this is done, then the uplink port on the switch has to be a trunk port with the corresponding VLANs tagged.

You can also choose to Hide SSID if you enable the checkbox.

Once you have set all the parameters, click Create to create add the WLAN to the WLAN Profile.

You can repeat the above steps to add multiple SSIDs in the same WLAN profile.