Before you add an Access Point for managing it using Jaze Cloud Wi-Fi, the following steps are to be completed:

STEP 1: Set the Inform URL on the Access Point by following the steps here.

STEP 2: Create a WLAN Profile for the Access Point by following the steps here.

Click on Access Point Config tab from the sidebar and click on Access Points as shown below:

Click the Create Group button which brings up the dialog box as shown below:

Enter a Group Name and click on Create Group.

Next, click on the Add Access Point button on the top right corner of the page to cloud manage your access point.

Enter the MAC address of the Access Point. This can be found on the sticker on the back of the AP.

Enter a Name for the access point. Give it a name so that you can easily identify it later.

Select the Model, WLAN Profile and Group for the Access Point.

Click Add AP and you should be able to see the access point added successfully as shown below:

You should now be able to see the created SSID being broadcasted from the Access Point.

You can click on View Details to see the details of the configured Access Point.

You can also edit the Name or change the WLAN Profile by simply clicking on it and entering a new value.