JAM-1000 is a Virtual Appliance which is designed for customers who have existing virtualized environments in their networks and provides the same features as the hardware based models. The JAM-1000 can be deployed instantly on virtualized infrastructure based on VMware, Oracle and other leading virtualization software vendors. JAM-1000 comes with a built-in 500 concurrent user license.

Supported VMware version

VMware ESX/ESXi versions 5.0 and above are supported. Free download of Evaluation version is available on VMware's website.

Recommended Hardware Specification

The minimum system requirements for installing ESXi/ESX are detailed here.

  • 4GB RAM (Minimum 2GB RAM)
  • 500GB Storage space (Minimum 300 GB)
  • 2 Gigabit virtual switched ports (Only 1 may be needed depending on the application)
  • 2 Virtual CPUs


  1. Obtain the JAM-1000 .ova file by contacting Jaze Networks and download the file.
  2. Install VMware ESX/ESXi if not already installed.
  3. Under Configuration->Networking, click "Add Networking.." to create new interfaces if required.
  4. On the menu bar choose File->Deploy OVF Template.. and choose the .ova file downloaded in step 1.


  5. Click "Next"


  6.  Choose a name for the instance and click Next


  7. Choose the Disk Format as Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed 


  8. Map the WAN and LAN interfaces of JAM to the corresponding virtual interfaces.


  9. Click Finish. The VM will then be deployed. This can take around 10 minutes to complete.


  10. Power on the VM. The VM should be booted up in about 5 minutes. The LAN IP address is set by default to

  11. On the VM console, a menu appears in which the LAN and WAN IP addresses can be assigned.